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 Continue education with online-courses

Continue education to keep your staff sharp. Why stop training after the workshop? Keep your staff focused on the skills and standards presented during the workshop.
Contact School for the Service Arts by filling out the form and learn more about Federation of Dining Room Professional’s® FrontSUMMIT™ award winning programs. Continue professional development with online courses.

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Continue education with online courses. Check out the benefits of a post workshop refresh.

  • Increase earning potential with recognizable accomplishments
  • Furthers career advancement with globally recognized certification
  • Validate smart career growth and employee self development
  • Enhances resumes and opens opportunities
  • Creates efficient mobile device online training done through cell phone, iPad or Tablet
  • Allows online training done from anywhere anytime
  • Enhances personalized branding on a daily basis to all hospitality departments
  • Differentiates from competition and gives chance to join 50,000 other certified professionals

“I was looking for certification for waiter training to add to my excellent waiter service classroom programs. When I found the Federation of Dining Room Professionals™, I knew that I had found online programs that enhance the learning experience and raise the standards of service training. Their award winning programs are recognized by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the International Sommelier Guild (ISG).  Their courses include culinary, hospitality and dining service lessons. I have searched the globe and have not been able to find a better program.” Debbie Thomas, Founder and CEO of SSA

“We found the hybrid combination of classroom programs and computer lab training that uses FDRP’s excellent classroom and online service training course curriculum, to be very successful in our Hospitality Career Academy.” This is the third time we have asked Ms.Thomas to facilitate the continuing professional development with both classroom and online programs licensed by FDRP. Each time it has been a resounding success to prepare our participants for the current San Diego hospitality job market.” Roshawn Brady, Educational Director of Training Access Inc

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